25 Feb
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Creative Materials That Can Transform Your Fence Into Artwork

Fence art; is this an excuse to paint graffiti on your own backyard? Not at all, in fact garden fence art is a growing trend among homeowners. It creates a rustic yet creative aura in your own backyard that can […]

23 Jan
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The Benefits Of A Fence And Deck For Your Home

Nothing enhances your home’s beauty, privacy, functionality and comfort more than the combination of a fence and deck. You may have had your home painted and some other work done on it to make it look as picturesque as the […]

20 Dec

Basics In Planning A Fence Installation

Fences are set to define territories and add security for both sides of a property. It protects children and pets from going out on the road unattended, and it also keeps stray animals or trespassers away. In addition, it can […]

16 Dec

So Many Fences, Only One Yard. What To Do?

Sometimes you find yourself in a challenging situation regarding home decor, protection and security. Choosing a fence can be such a situation. Understanding the various types of fences available will help you be prepared to decide on just one style […]

11 Dec

DIY Could Spell Danger When It Comes To Fences

You know that your back yard would look absolutely charming with a new fence. That thought was immediately followed with the thought of how much a fence actually costs. From there, the idea and shortly thereafter– conclusion to build and […]